Correction: Deutsche Telekom VDSL plans unchanged

19 Jan 2007

German incumbent Deutsche Telekom (DT) has asked us to correct articles published in CommsUpdate on 16 and 18 January which suggested that it was shelving plans to connect 50 cities with VDSL infrastructure, instead opting for the slower and cheaper ADSL2+ technology. The story, which first appeared in the Financial Times Deutschland on 12 January and was quickly disseminated throughout the telecoms press, appears to have been widely misunderstood or misquoted. DT is not in fact substituting its planned VDSL deployment with ADSL2+, but does plan to augment its urban VDSL infrastructure with ADSL2+ connections for rural areas. By updating the existing DSL network in these places, DT will enable its customers to stream pay-per-view IPTV into their homes via their broadband connection. The plan remains in place to complete the EUR3.3 billion (USD4.3 billion) VDSL network. DT has won unprecedented regulatory protection from the Bundestag and Bundesrat for its new network, with a proposed law allowing it to exclude competitors from using it. This has resulted in consternation for the EU Competition Commissioner Vivene Reding, who has promised to haul Germany through the European Courts if the competitive advantage DT’s new network accrues to it is cemented in statute.

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