Golden set for long-distance launch

11 Jan 2007

Russian business services provider Golden Telecom has been granted access codes which will allow it to launch domestic and international long-distance (DLD/ILD) services. The firm has constructed a federal transit network which consists of four international transit nodes, seven intercity transit nodes and 88 connection points across Russia. The firm says its long-distance service will be available to 140 million people and 1.3 million businesses nationwide. ‘We expect to start providing DLD/ILD services throughout Russia during first quarter of 2007, said Jean-Pierre Vandromme, Golden Telecom’s CEO. ‘Based on our existing client base, an effective marketing campaign and a highly-skilled and experienced sales force, Golden Telecom plans to capture at least a 20% market share of the total DLD/ILD market in Russia by the end of 2010.’