Czech market to welcome fourth mobile operator

11 Jan 2007

The Czech Telecoms Office (CTU) has issued a mobile operator prefix code and numbers to a new operator which is looking to become the fourth player in the domestic wireless market. The Czech News Agency reports that the fourth licence is held by a company called MobilKom, although the actual brand name of the new operator is as yet unknown. It is understood that the newcomer will offer services in the 410MHz-430MHz band using CDMA technology and that its network will be available to 97% of the population.

MobilKom has links to the investment firm Penta and plans to offer voice and data services in competition with incumbent operators O2, Vodafone, and T-Mobile. A spokeswoman for Penta, Jana Studnickova, is quoted as having told press: ‘Our subsidiary will, in the second quarter of this year, offer unspecified services in the public mobile phone network.’ Meanwhile, O2 and T-Mobile confirm that MobilKom has already requested interconnection agreements.