FT facing EUR500 million lawsuit from Iliad

9 Jan 2007

France Télécom (FT) is being sued for EUR500 million (USD650.3 million) by ISP Free, a unit of the Iliad group, which claims the incumbent is not doing enough to open its fibre-optic networks to rivals. It is not understood whether the case is about allowing local loop access, or rather access to fibre for backhaul from the exchanges to the competitor’s existing network, but Free has accused the former monopoly of hindering its development of broadband services in the Ile de France region around Paris. FT has confirmed the legal action: ‘Free is suing France Télécom in the Paris Commercial Court to recover damages it believes it has suffered as a result of France Télécom’s practices,’ it told the broadsheet La Lettre de l’Expansion. Iliad has declined to comment.

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