TPSA faces record fine, papers say

3 Jan 2007

Poland’s telecoms watchdog UKE is considering a record fine of up to 3% of annual sales for former fixed line incumbent TPSA, as a penalty for the way it charges rivals for broadband internet access, reports local daily Gazeta Wyborcza. ‘A formal decision on the fine should be expected around 15 January,’ Wyborcza quoted the watchdog’s chief Anna Strezynska as saying. Strezynska, who was appointed last year, is taking a tough approach towards former monopoly TPSA, which retains a tight grip on the domestic market. Last year, the regulator fined TPSA PLN100 million (USD34.7 million) for failing to unbundle the local loop; the company, which is controlled by France Telecom, called the decision harmful and later lodged an appeal. The latest row concerns a charge that TPSA makes for its Neostrada broadband connection, which UKE believes is artificially high; TPSA is expected to appeal any new fine.

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