Lattelecom launches WiMAX trial

22 Dec 2006

Lattelecom has announced the launch of a small WiMAX trial network in the capital Riga. Ten customers will now test the quality and usability of the new network, which comprises two base stations installed in the Ķengarags and Mārupe districts of the capital. While testing the WiMAX technology, Lattelecom will offer two different connection speeds – 1Mbps and 2Mbps. ‘Offering internet technologies with WiMAX technologies in suburbs is an optimal way of using the technology. It is comparatively expensive to install cables in such areas, but they are heavily populated by people who have no internet access. Elsewhere in Latvia, the spread of WiMAX technologies is made more difficult by the relatively low population density. In such places, installation of the services is expensive,’ said acting Lattelecom commerce director, Jānis Ligers.

Pilot trials of WiMAX will continue until March of next year, with some 45 clients being hooked up. Lattelecom will then take a decision on the further expansion of its WiMAX strategy.

Latvia, Tet (Lattelecom Group)