Chunghwa’s Google move

21 Dec 2006

Chunghwa Telecom and Google are teaming up to bring the Google search engine to Chunghwa’s mobile internet platform ‘emome’. XFN Asia reports that Chunghwa’s eight million cellular subscribers will be able to access Google’s search, mapping and Yellow Pages facilities. The telco’s chairman, Ho-Chen Tan, commented: ‘’This is definitely just a beginning of the two companies’ closer partnership going forward.’ Chunghwa has set itself a target of signing up 1.5 million customers to 3G packages by the end of 2007, up from the current level of around 850,000; although only 400,000 of these customers actually have 3G-enabled handsets, with the remainder still using 2G phones, the operator hopes that by next year all those with 3G subscriptions will have upgraded to next-generation models.