Boingo adds the Netherlands to its European Wi-Fi footprint through Wjoy

21 Dec 2006

California-based Boingo Wireless, a leading provider of Wi-Fi services for business travellers, has signed a roaming deal with Amsterdam-based Wjoy, adding the latter’s Wi-Fi network to the Boingo Roaming System. The Dutch company’s nationwide network includes nearly 240 hotspots at hotels, restaurants, conference centres and campsites. It launched in early 2005 with plans to blanket the country with more than 500 locations by the end of 2006, making wireless internet access available to all. The agreement with Boingo boosts the US company’s presence to over 600 business-related hotspots in the Netherlands, including Amsterdam International Airport – Schiphol, and the country’s four national airports.

Netherlands, Boingo Wireless, Wjoy