Nepal home to nearly one million mobile users, papers say

18 Dec 2006

Nepal has nearly one million mobile phone users, according to The Hindu newspaper quoting the country’s largest telecoms operator, state-owned Nepal Telecom. There are currently 936,482 mobile phone users in Nepal, of whom 117,208 are on post-paid contracts, on top of the 528,756 fixed lines, including PSTN lines that have been installed by Nepal Telecom. The company added that cell phone users spend an average USD5.20 per month on services, compared to USD13.25 for fixed line users.

Elsewhere, the United Telecom Limited (UTL), an Indo-Nepal Joint Venture, has issued 52,855 lines operating on wireless in the local loop (WiLL) technology, said the paper. WiLL is being used to augment coverage of telecoms services where there is no PSTN. Of a total of 3,914 village development committees across the country, 1,886 currently do not have access to basic telephone service. Besides Nepal Telcom, Spice Nepal, a private company is also providing mobile phone services.

Nepal, Nepal Telecom (NT)