Elisa claims over half of the 3G market

18 Dec 2006

At the end of September 2006 there were over 250,000 3G subscribers in Finland, according to a new report by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority. Over half of all 3G customers were connected to Elisa’s networks, significantly higher than the group’s combined 2G market share. ‘One of Elisa’s key objectives has been to offer Finns new and more versatile services. We have also strived to renew the Finnish mobile phone base in order to meet the growing needs of the information society,’ said Veli-Matti Mattila, CEO of Elisa. ‘This year and next, we will experience a breakthrough in 3G services in Finland. E-mail, internet, mobile television and map services are already, so to speak, in our pocket. We are determined to continue our work and ensure that our customers find it easy and effortless to use our services. We think that the active efforts of the operators in the field and good products help in promoting a service-minded attitude in the market,’ Mattila added.

Elisa has responded to the growing demand by also investing in the coverage and quality of its 3G network, currently available in 46 cities and municipal centres, as well as in 15 ski resorts and leisure centres. According to Elisa’s estimates, there will be over 300,000 3G service packages sold by the end of the year.

Finland, Elisa Corporation