Business as usual after WiMAX auction defeat, says Batelco

18 Dec 2006

Bahrain’s incumbent Batelco has said that it ‘welcomes’ last week’s National Fixed Wireless Service licence awards, which it believes will provides a ‘more competitive industry environment for the benefit of all customers in Bahrain’. CEO Peter Kaliaropoulos said that Batelco will offer its customers affordable fixed and wireless broadband access without the need to utilise WiMAX technology. He told journalists that his company has ‘already implemented ADSL2+ technology with the capability to deliver data services at speeds up to 10Mbps…ADSL customers will enjoy superior download speeds, enhanced features and yet more value with the new broadband services that we are providing’. He added that Batelco’s planned rollout of HSDPA mobile data services will adequately meet the demand for wireless internet access without deploying WiMAX infrastructure. Mena Telecom and MTC-Vodafone Bahrain won two 3.5GHz voice and data operating concessions in last week’s auction.