German WiMAX contenders named

13 Dec 2006

Six companies have come forward for next Tuesday’s auction of WiMAX licences by the German regulator Bundesnetzagentur. Home-based companies Deutsche Breitband Dienste, EWE, Inquam Broadband and Televersa Online will all be participating, as will Luxembourg firm Clearwire Europe and Italian outfit MGM Productions Group. In total, four licenses will be auctioned for each of 28 regions, and the state is expected to rake in at least EUR64 million (USD84.8 million). Licensees will be required to cover 15% of towns in the region within three years, and 25% within six. Each licence includes a paired 21MHz channel with 100MHz duplex distance, in the 3.410GHz-3.494GHz and 3.510GHz–3.594GHz frequency ranges.