GT installs interim board to replace Telenor

7 Dec 2006

The government of Ghana has decided to remove Telenor from the board of directors managing national PTO Ghana Telecom (GT), said Don Chebi, head of corporate communications at GT, in a statement. The move follows widespread criticism over the performance of the expatriates running the company, who have reportedly received millions of dollars of taxpayers money in the three years they have been managing the operator. ‘In 2003, the government of Ghana signed a management services agreement with telecom management partners to manage GT for three years. This agreement expired on 31 December 2005 and since 2006 the two parties have been negotiating. Early this morning, the board of Ghana telecom met and decided that the contract would not be renewed…They were given three weeks to wind up their operation and hand over to a Ghanaian interim management that has been appointed to take over from them,’ Chebi said. He went on to say that an interim board would run the company for the foreseeable future pending the completion of the telco’s privatisation – scheduled for completion in June 2007.

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