Irish users must wait at least four months for BT Vision to become a reality

5 Dec 2006

Although BT Group launched its new broadband television service, Vision, on the mainland this week, Irish users will have to wait up to four months before they too can enjoy the service, reports online news portal ElectricNews,net, citing BT Ireland CEO Danny McLaughlin. BT Vision works with a set-top box that allows broadband subscribers in Britain and Northern Ireland to view over 40 freeview channels. However, the UK incumbent’s BT Ireland subsidiary is unable to launch in the Republic until it has first completed work on upgrading its local loop unbundling platform. Danny McLaughlin told the online journal, ‘We have started work on upgrading our network and we hope to be able to start delivering the service in Ireland in four months time’.

Ireland, BT Group (incl. Openreach), BT Ireland