Ghana’s OneTouch brings mobile data to the masses

5 Dec 2006

Ghanaian mobile operator GT-OneTouch, the mobile arm of national PTO Ghana Telecom, says it plans to deliver mobile data services to the masses using a mobile platform developed by California’s IXI Mobile, and devices and services from the Ogo suite of products. According to PRNewswire, GT-OneTouch aims to target the younger members of society with data services such as mobile e-mail, IM, the XML Really Simple Syndication (RSS) format, and web browsing. The cellco’s chief executive Philip Sowah says his firm has spotted an untapped niche segment in the mobile data market: ‘Practically all mobile data services available in the market are focused on the elite enterprise market, leaving the mass market completely underserved’, he said. ‘We believe the mass market wants mobile data access, and the Ogo end-to-end solution is a wonderful solution for that market,’ Sowah added.

GT-OneTouch and its partners in the project believe that the Ogo device, when linked to IXI Mobile’s platform, will offer a mass market option at a lower ‘price point’, and that moreover, the Ogo end-to end solution includes devices and hosted back-end data services that ‘eliminate the need for a large infrastructure investment on the part of the carrier’. Ogo’s terminals offer a large screen, QWERTY keypad, advanced GUI and clamshell design and will support MSN Instant Messaging, e-mail, contact book, calendar, web browser, GSM voice, and SMS.