Orange Netherlands’ 3G service goes live

28 Nov 2006

France Télécom’s Dutch mobile unit Orange Netherlands has introduced 3G services including video calling, according to The cellco plans to encourage subscriber take-up by offering UMTS services at the same price as traditional voice calls until 31 March 2007. Once the introductory period ends, Orange will charge EUR0.24 per minute for inclusive voice calls, rising to EUR0.44 for calls outside the users’ tariff plan, plus a call set-up tariff of EUR0.06. Video calling is priced at EUR0.20 (inclusive) and EUR0.44 (exclusive) on the operator’s EUR 50, 75, 100 and 150 plans. In addition, subscribers will be able to receive mobile TV for free until end-March 2007, after which they will have to pay EUR7.50 per month, with premium channels costing a further EUR2.50 per channel, plus the EUR0.06 set-up fee. Internet access fees have been priced at EUR29 per month for a 300MB data package, accessed via an Orange Business Everywhere PC-card. Extra data downloads are charged at EUR0.30 per MB at home and EUR15 per MB abroad.

According to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms database, Orange Netherlands was formerly known as Dutchtone, but took on its owner’s global mobile brand name in March 2003, a move which the company said would help attract customers through increased brand awareness. By June 2006 it had signed up 1.996 million subscribers, leaving it the smallest cellular operator in the Netherlands with just over 12% of the market.

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