Mauritius signs up to EASSy cable network initiative

27 Nov 2006

Mauritius has agreed to sign up to the Eastern Africa Submarine Cable System (EASSy) as part of a wider plan to turn the country into a key Indian Ocean IT hub, writes Balancingact-Africa. Telecoms Ministry spokesman, Etienne Sinatambou said: ‘Now we have a protocol signed by nine countries, and Mauritius is likely to be the tenth. That is a critical mass enough to get things moving’. The country, which is already hooked up to the South Africa Far East cable and plans to participate in the proposed African satellite project, sees IT and communications as a means to transform its USD6 billion economy beyond agriculture, textiles and tourism. Mauritius is spear-heading a drive that has so far failed to garner significant interest from other African nations. To date, only seven of 23 applicable countries have agreed to support the EASSy cable project.