Shanghai Unicom and Nokia demonstrate EGPRS

22 Nov 2006

The Shanghai branch of China Unicom has demonstrated a range of advanced data services based on Nokia’s EGPRS solution. EGPRS is a form of Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution (EDGE) which enables data connections at a speed up to 474kbps. EGPRS opens up new possibilities for connecting to data networks on mobile phones, making it faster and more convenient to stream video and download larger files. Using EGPRS, Shanghai Unicom will be able to offer a broader range of data services to its subscribers. New products that were unveiled at a press conference in Shanghai included Near Field Communication (NFC), push e-mail, vCard and WAP browsing. ‘EGPRS will bring new and exciting, high quality services to end-users, in particular higher bandwidth services,’ said Zhang Jian, General Manager of Shanghai Unicom. ‘With Nokia’s advanced EGPRS solutions and the optimisation experience of both companies, we can also bring higher capacity to the network, better utilise our network resources, and reduce operation costs.’

Nokia has a strong track record in implementing EGPRS and claims the global number one position regarding this technology. The finnish vendor has 61 public EGPRS references and its solution is used in 51 out of 156 commercially launched EGPRS networks.

China, China Unicom, Nokia