Iliad in the hunt for France’s fourth UMTS mobile licence

21 Nov 2006

The French internet service provider Iliad has told the country’s telecoms regulator Arcep that it would be interested in buying the fourth and final UMTS third-generation mobile phone licence. In an official statement Iliad confirmed its interest in the concession, within the framework of the regulator’s ongoing public consultation on the attribution of the last licence, and said it would follow with interest Arcep’s procedure for determining the licence award during 2007. Iliad is already active in the fixed line voice and broadband internet access markets and is currently deploying a WiMAX network to consolidate its position. The three existing UMTS licences in France are held by Orange France, Bouygues Télécom and Société Française de Radiotéléphone (SFR), owned by Vivendi and Vodafone.

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