Alcatel and GDS trial Lebanese WiMAX

17 Nov 2006

Alcatel is partnering Lebanese ISP Globalcom Data Services (GDS) to conduct the first IEEE 802.16e-2005 WiMAX trial in the Middle East, beginning later this month. The trial is designed to help GDS assess the suitability of WIMAX before embarking on a commercial rollout next year. The French vendor will supply GDS with its 9100 Evolium WiMAX end-to-end radio solution, including base stations, wireless access controller, operation and maintenance center as well as indoor CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) to provide broadband wireless internet access at a burst rate of up to 12Mbps. ‘GDS is planning to provide broadband access all over Lebanon by the end of 2007. In large cities, broadband access will be provided through DSL and WiMAX will act as a complement to DSL. Outside the large cities, WiMAX will be the primary access,’ said Dr Habib Torbey, President of GDS, who predicted ‘a big potential for WiMAX technology in Lebanon in the near future…we are looking forward to extending our partnership with Alcatel…We plan not only to be the first service provider to introduce WiMAX technology in Lebanon, but also in the entire Middle Eastern market.’