Fixed-to-mobile CPP a success (excluding those fixed line operators refusing to take part)

9 Nov 2006

Mexico’s implementation of calling-party-pays (CPP) for long-distance fixed-to-mobile services has been a resounding success according to regulator Cofetel, which denies allegations from several operators that the scheme is resulting in lost calls and lower traffic. ‘There isn’t chaos,’ Cofetel commissioner Jose Luis Peralta told Dow Jones. ‘The system is working well with some exceptions [due to] those companies [that] didn’t participate,’ he added, referring to the small fact that the country’s major alternative fixed line operators – including Axtel, Avantel, Maxcom and Alestra – have all obtained court rulings exempting them from long-distance fixed-to-mobile CPP, which came into force on 4 November. The injunction will remain in place whilst the telcos and Cofetel negotiate changes to tariffs.

Mexico, Alestra (incl. Alestra Movil), Axtel, Maxcom