Tacom launches 3G

7 Nov 2006

Tajikistan mobile operator Tacom has launched commercial 3G services over a network supplied by Huawei Technologies, the Chinese vendor said in a statement. In May 2006 Tacom contracted Huawei to supply GSM and W-CDMA mobile equipment for the expansion of its GSM network and the launch of 3G services. Details of the network have not yet been revealed, but Tacom’s Russian parent Vimpelcom had earlier stated that Huawei would initially supply ‘about 80’ GSM base stations, ‘several’ W-CDMA base stations and a switchboard.

According to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms database, Tacom holds licences to provide GSM-900/1800, CDMA-450 and AMPS services across Tajikistan, as well as the country’s third UMTS concession, which it received in September 2005. Vimpelcom plans to invest USD100 million in Tacom in 2006, with much of the money to be spent on expanding its networks and rebranding the service under the Beeline banner which it employs in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Tajikistan, Tacom (ZET-Mobile, formerly Beeline)