Vibo plans HSDPA

3 Nov 2006

The Taiwanese mobile operator Vibo says it plans to launch an HSDPA-enabled 3.5G network in the first quarter of next year. Vibo currently offers services over a W-CDMA 3G system and says the upgrade will increase maximum download speeds to 3.6Mbps. DigiTimes reports that Vibo has more than 300,000 3G customers, the bulk of which use next-generation handsets; while other cellcos report higher 3G user bases – Chunghwa, for example, claims 673,000 3G subscribers – only around 240,000 of these actually connect using 3G-enabled handsets, with the remainder using 2G phones. Vibo has around 4,000 base stations in its network and plans to add another 1,500 to 2,000 over the next two years. Two Taiwanese cellcos – Chunghwa and Far EasTone – have already launched HSDPA, while Taiwan Mobile plans to introduce its own 3.5G service by the end of this year.

Taiwan, Taiwan Star (T STAR)