Beltelecom, Rostelecom complete cross-border fibre tie-up

3 Nov 2006

Belarusian national fixed line telephony provider Beltelecom and Russian national long-distance telecoms operator Rostelecom yesterday announced the completion of a project to link their respective fibre-optic cable networks, providing additional access between the two countries. The pair say they have completed Phase 1 of the project which includes the linking of a fibre-optic cable between Yartsevo in Russia and Velizh on the state border to Vitebsk in Belarus. The throughput capacity of this high speed terrestrial link – based on DWDM and STM technology – will be 400Gbps with the ability to upgrade in the future. The Yartsevo-Vitebsk cable is the second broadband link between Russia and Belarus.

Belarus, Russia, Beltelecom, Rostelecom