Fifth wireline provider?

26 Oct 2006

Vietnamese ISP Financial Promoting Technology (FPT) Telecom has revealed that it submitted an application for fixed line telephony licence to the Ministry of Post and Telematics (MPT) in August 2006. FPT is one of four companies presently licensed to pilot fixed WiMAX across the country before the MPT’s intended commercialisation of the technology in 2007, when it is thought full mobile operating licences will be awarded. If licensed, FPT would provide its fixed line service over the cable infrastructure of its broadband service.

Meanwhile another of the companies testing WiMAX, state owned incumbent telco VNPT, has reported decreased income in its fixed and VoIP revenues since the start of the year. Its charges for VoIP, fixed by the MPT, and are the highest in the country, while competitors are free to set their own. The telco’s monthly ARPU for fixed line and IP telephony services is reported to be VND100,000 (USD6.25).

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