MTC Namibia’s boss says growth plans on track

24 Oct 2006

The managing director of Namibia’s Mobile Telecommunications (MTC), Jose Ferreira, told local press this week that his company will invest a total of NAD280 million (USD38 million) this year on top of the NAD700 million spent over the last eleven years. He also outlined future plans for the mobile operator, including a programme to expand network population coverage to 95% by the end of 2006 (up from around 88% currently). The network’s territorial footprint is set to be expanded from 46% to 67% by the end of the year, and coverage of roads is expected to increase from 61% to 87%. Since June 2006 MTC has rolled out 38 new GSM base stations and another 49 are expected to be commissioned by the end of this month. In August the company announced that it will have a 3G network in operation by the end of December. The first rollout phase will see 3G deployed in Windhoek and the coastal settlements of Walvisbay and Swakopmund. Phase two will eventually cover the majority of the country’s commercial settlements. Ferreira commented: ‘I can confirm this morning that we are making good progress towards keeping the deadlines we have announced.’ He also noted that the company is obliged to offer spare capacity to other operators, and did not rule out the emergence of MVNOs in the country.