Celtel evaluating plans to build mobile network in Ghana

17 Oct 2006

According to a report from Business in Africa Online, pan-African mobile operator Celtel International is considering plans to build a mobile network in Ghana and to that end is conducting a feasibility study regarding the construction of a network in the West African country. The online portal cites a Celtel official as saying that the company is interested in ‘investing substantially’ in Ghana, with the aim of getting a network off the ground within months.

Celtel International already has 15 networks on the continent of which five are in West Africa. It has not clarified whether it plans to introduce its ‘One Network’ service in the country – a service that allows Celtel users to make use of networks in neighbouring countries without incurring additional roaming charges – but says it is keen to expand its footprint across the entire African continent.

According to Telegeography’s GlobalComms database, Ghana is home to one of the most dynamic mobile markets in Africa. At the last count in June 2006 the number of mobile subscribers stood at over 3.34 million, up from around 2.65 million at the start of the year. By 1 July 2006 GSM operator Spacefon Areeba, backed by Lebanon-based Investcom Holdings, had an impressive 2.018 million subscribers, putting it ahead of Millicom International Cellular’s (MIC’s) Mobitel unit, the oldest of all the providers, which had 737,749 users to its Tigo-branded service. State-owned national PTO Ghana Telecom (GT) claimed an estimated 450,000 subscribers to its GT-OneTouch GSM network, while Kasapa Telecom, the country’s sole CDMA operator, had an estimated 135,700, up from 57,100 at the start of the year.

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