EASSy going

12 Oct 2006

The ownership structure of the Eastern African Submarine System (EASSy) undersea cable project looks to have been settled, with all participants in the project expected to sign by the end of this year. Nairobi newspaper the East African Standard reports that 15 out of the 28 companies taking part in the venture are due to sign the agreement tomorrow. The remaining 13 firms will have 60 days in which to sign the contract. Simon Olawo, head of the EASSy Project Secretariat, told the newspaper: ‘We expect that by 12 December we should be able to determine how much money is available to allow us to sign a construction agreement with the cable contractor and for the project to take off.’ The EASSy system will link countries down Africa’s east coast, from Sudan to South Africa, offering improved connectivity to global communications networks.