Chunghwa nine-month revenues stable

12 Oct 2006

Chunghwa Telecom says revenues for the nine months to the end of September were up 0.4% year-on-year to TWD137.5 billion (USD4.15 billion), with mobile services contributing almost 40% of the total. Local and long-distance telephony brought in 33.5%, while internet and value added services accounted for 10.5%. The firm said it had 3.88 million ADSL subscribers at the end of September, of which 2.4 million have connections with maximum download speeds of 2Mbps and above, while 580,000 subscribe to services with bandwidth of 8Mbps and over.

Chunghwa’s rivals in the mobile market have also reported nine-month financial results. Far EasTone said revenues stood at TWD50.96 billion (USD1.54 billion), while Taiwan Mobile reported revenues of TWD44.4 billion (USD1.34 billion).