Mobiltel to expand WiMAX coverage

10 Oct 2006

Bulgaria’s largest wireless operator, Mobiltel, has announced it will expand its WiMAX footprint to include Burgas, Starta Zagora, Pleven, Ruse and Bansko. As it stands, the wireless broadband network has coverage of the country’s three largest cities – Sofia, Varna and Plovdiv – but has still to launch services commercially. According to Mobitel, it will initially market the service to business customers, although it has thus far declined to reveal a launch date. Other WiMAX licensees are reported by local daily Dnevnik as gearing up for launch include Nexcom Bulgaria which has begun network rollout and is planning to cover Sofia and ten other cities while Trans Telecom is believed to be looking to launch later this month.

Bulgaria, A1 Bulgaria (Mobiltel)