Cablecos spy new opportunities in IPTV

10 Oct 2006

Cable TV operators in the Philippines say that the introduction of IPTV services could prove useful in providing them with fresh revenue streams as well as helping them to clamp down on the high number of illegal cable TV connections in the country. Speaking in an interview in Manila, Simon Twiston Davies, CEO of the Cable & Satellite Broadcasting Association Of Asia (CASBAA), said IPTV would be the next stage in delivering TV content and could prompt cable firms to introduce much newer, non-TV services. He went on to say that IPTV could also be a ‘lifesaver’ for cable TV operators as it would allow them to monitor their customers and prevent illegal connections. Companies wishing to offer IPTV services must apply for a licence to the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) which issues separate licences for cable TV and internet operations.