GTS Novera rolls out Ceragon broadband wireless solutions

6 Oct 2006

Czech alternative telecoms operator GTS Novera is upgrading its SDH network with broadband wireless links supplied by Ceragon Networks. The Tel-Aviv-based vendor, a leading provider of high-capacity wireless backhaul solutions, is deploying Fibeair 1500P broadband equipment valued at over USD1 million, as part of GTS’s ongoing plan to provide backhaul for ADSL traffic and last mile access connectivity for enterprise customers. The Fibeair 1500P software-based radios provide wireless point-to-point connectivity and are a solution for DSLAM connectivity in areas where there is no fibre-optic or leased lines alternative. Ceragon will provide GTS with four different types of interface: STM-1 (155Mbps), 2xSTM-1 (311Mbps), Fast Ethernet and Fast Ethernet +8E1.

Czech Republic, Ceragon Networks