Subtel: MVNOs need to negotiate network access

5 Oct 2006

According to the head of Chile’s telecoms regulator Subtel, Pablo Bello, companies wishing to become mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) must strike agreements with one or more of the country’s three network operators before they can be issued with a concession. According to BNamericas, a number of companies – including cableco VTR and ISP – have asked Subtel to issue them with MVNO concessions, but the regulator has ruled that they must first successfully negotiate an agreement with a network operator. Thus far, however, the trio of incumbents – Claro, Entel Movil and Telefonica Moviles (Movistar) – have shown little enthusiasm. Bello claims, perhaps optimistically, that negotiations have been initiated between the two sides, which it expects will lead to a positive conclusion.