Ghana claims to beat teledensity target by six months

29 Sep 2006

Ghana’s Minister for Communications, Professor Mike Ocquaye, said on Wednesday that the country had a teledensity of 20% at the end of June 2006, reaching the goal six months ahead of its December target. Under the state’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the government forecast a penetration rate of 20% by the end of 2006, rising to 30% by 2010. Prof. Ocquaye welcomed the news but said the government and industry needed to ‘take stock and look ahead to confront the challenges.’ The Ghanaian government has secured a USD40 million loan from the World Bank to help it develop telecoms access in rural areas and a fibre-optic project could push the teledensity rate to 25% by the end of this year. The minister also pointed out the need to develop internet access as part of its efforts to help rural communities.