Internet crippled by government bill default

20 Sep 2006

Zimbabwe’s internet services have been brought to a virtual standstill by the government’s failure to pay a USD700,000 satellite bill, reports AllAfrica. Business and residential internet users have complained of long delays in sending and receiving e-mails, painfully slow browsing speeds and problems accessing many websites since international communications operator Intelsat severed a satellite link that provided about three-quarters of the bandwidth used by state-run telco TelOne. ISP MWeb has issued a statement apologising for the delays, but said it did not know when TelOne would settle its debt to Intelsat to restore the link. Part of the statement read: ‘This is catastrophic, as all legal internet service providers utilise TelOne for their outgoing bandwidth to the worldwide web as well as for e-mail traffic. Thus, all such ISPs have [been], and are being, affected by this downtime. In short, this… is causing an almost collapse of the internet in Zimbabwe.’

Zimbabwe, TelOne