China to launch large-scale TD-SCDMA commercial trial in October

20 Sep 2006

According to reports by Interfax, China will launch a large-scale commercial trial of its homegrown 3G standard TD-SCDMA in October or November this year, citing an unnamed Datang Mobile official; Datang Mobile is the principal developer of TD-SCDMA technology in the People’s Republic. An official from the TD-SCDMA Forum confirmed the report, adding that over 20,000 users in twelve cities will be involved in the trial. The Datang Mobile source added that employees of the government, corporate customers of telcos and industry insiders will most likely be chosen to be trialists.

It has not yet been revealed which telecoms operator will be in charge of this latest trial, or indeed whether it will be a collaboration between two or more of the players. China Telecom is currently building a TD-SCDMA network in Baoding in northern China’s Hebei Province using equipment from Datang Mobile and TD-Tech. China Netcom, meanwhile, is deploying a network in the eastern city of Qingdao, using equipment from Datang Mobile and ZTE. China Mobile, supported by ZTE and TD-Tech, is setting up another TD-SCDMA network in Xiamen.

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