Option to supply HSDPA products to Orange France

18 Sep 2006

Orange France has selected Belgian wireless technology company Option to supply it with its GlobeSurfer® ICON, GlobeTrotter HSDPA and GlobeTrotter FUSION+ HSDPA products, as part of the cellco’s new 3.5G offering. The Option solution will allow French users to access the internet via Orange’s HSDPA using either a USB device for a desktop PC, or a datacard for a laptop. The new products will be offered under the Orange brand as ‘Modem USB Option ICON 3G+’, ‘Fusion 3G+’ and ‘Option GlobeTrotter 3G+’. The Belgium-based company says GlobeSurfer® ICON is an advanced wireless device that delivers simple and fast wireless broadband connectivity for consumer or business applications, with data speeds comparable to those of DSL.