Telcos secure injunction against CPP on DLD-to-mobile calls

15 Sep 2006

Mexican alternative telcos Protel, Alestra, Avantel, Maxcom and Bestel have secured temporary injunctions freeing them from the obligation to observe Calling Party Pays (CPP) rules for outgoing domestic long distance (DLD) calls to mobile numbers, according to BNamericas quoting regional news service TelcosIT. Under new legislation passed earlier this year, CPP is to be applied to all DLD calls from 15 October. However, the fixed line operators have rallied against the ruling being applied to DLD-to-mobile calls because mobile interconnect tariffs are so much higher than those for fixed lines. The injunction will remain in place whilst the telcos and regulator Comisión Federal de Telecomunicaciones (Cofetel) negotiate changes to interconnect tariffs.

Mexico, Alestra (incl. Alestra Movil), Maxcom