Amena to become Orange from October

13 Sep 2006

France Télécom España will bring its mobile subsidiary Retevisión Móvil under the Orange banner it employs across its international operations from early October, the company said in a statement. The Orange name will replace Retevisión Móvil’s current brand name Amena.

According to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms database, Retevisión Móvil entered the market in 1999, initially providing services via a series of roaming agreements ahead of the rollout of its own network the following year. The operator has historically faced an uphill struggle in competing with its more established rivals. With its market share stagnating, its then-parent, the Auna Group, began touting the business to buyers leading France Télécom (FT) to acquire an 80% stake for EUR6.4 billion in July 2005. The European Commission approved the purchase in October and the French company agreed to purchase the remaining 20% of Auna within three years. The deal was completed in November and Retevisión Móvil was merged into fixed line operator Uni2 to create France Télécom España. Amena, Uni2 and Uni2’s ISP subsidiary Wanadoo currently operate under their original brands. It is widely expected to rebrand Wanadoo as Orange in the near future, and possibly Uni2 too.