Kasapa Telecom launches new service

30 Aug 2006

Kasapa Telecom has announced the launch of Kasapa Home-Work, a new service based on its CDMA2000 1x network. The offering provides lower calling prices than other mobile services, text messaging, no expiration period and no monthly fee. Once a phone has been registered, the customer’s account is locked to a particular neighbourhood, though this can be changed once, free of charge. Kasapa Managing Director Robert Palitz said that the new service could be the solution to the historical scarcity in Ghana of phones for homes and offices, and that ‘we realised that with our unique CDMA2000 1x technology, if customers were willing to stay in one neighborhood of their choosing, we could offer them lower prices to all kinds of numbers. It just makes sense to use our resources to give the people a service they really need, at a price they can afford to pay. And of course, it will even work under an umbrella outdoors.’

Ghana, Kasapa Telecoms (Expresso)