Pantech inks USD110 million 3G handset deal with KDDI

22 Aug 2006

South Korean handset manufacturer Pantech Group has announced a major USD110 million deal with Japanese mobile carrier KDDI to start supplying it with A1406PT 3G CDMA phones from September. The new terminal features practical applications and a convenient design that will be targeted at middle aged and elderly mobile phone users, and will be marketed under the Pantech and ‘au’ brands. Pantech says it expects to ship additional units of the A1406PT handset next year.

Pantech signed an agreement to supply third-generation mobile phones to KDDI under the Pantech and au brand names in 2005, the first time that a Korean manufacturer had ever entered the Japanese handset market. The first Pantech phone – the A1405PT – has sold over 300,000 units since it was first launched in December. The Japanese CDMA handset market is one of the world’s largest, next to the US, with more than 90 million mobile subscribers. Pantech plans to continue to apply its ‘select and focus’ regional expansion strategy to enlarge its share of the Japanese market.

Japan, KDDI (au)