T-Mobile launches HSDPA-enabled handset

18 Aug 2006

T-Mobile UK has launched what it claims is the country’s first HSDPA-enabled mobile handset. The MDA Vario II is capable of utilising both HSDPA and Wi-Fi networks, as well as GSM and W-CDMA infrastructure. The handset is aimed at corporate users and retails at around GBP299 (USD563). T-Mobile UK switched on its HSDPA network this month in a bid to prevent it falling behind rival Vodafone which rolled out the so-called ‘3.5G’ service commercially in June. It has HSDPA coverage of around 65% of the population, mirroring the footprint of its W-CDMA network. T-Mobile anticipates that the first phase of HSDPA will see consistent downlink speeds of around 1Mbps, but hopes to offer speeds of more than 7Mbps by 2007 and more than 20Mbps by 2010.

United Kingdom, T-Mobile UK