Manx trials 3G at 900MHz

28 Jul 2006

Manx Telecom, a subsidiary of O2 Group operating on the Isle of Man, is conducting trials of 3G and HSDPA services in the 900MHz GSM frequency band with Lucent Technologies and Qualcomm. The trial, which began yesterday, is attempting to assess whether the companies can leverage the lower frequency to extend UMTS voice and HSDPA data coverage, and evaluate the potential benefits of deploying UMTS in the 900MHz band rather than the standard 2100MHz. O2 will use the results of the trial to determine the rollout of services by its other subsidiaries. ‘UMTS 900 may help solve the 3G coverage issues in Europe, since providing full coverage at 2100MHz is very expensive,’ Dave Williams, group CTO for O2, said in a statement. ‘Working with Lucent, we hope to demonstrate how UMTS 900 can complement deployments at 2100MHz, improve coverage, lower capital expenses and improve the customer’s experience.’

United Kingdom, Manx Telecom, O2 UK