Ecuador’s mobile base migrating to GSM

27 Jul 2006

According to national telecoms watchdog Suptel, Ecuador ended June 2006 with 7.67 million mobile subscribers, up from 6.16 million at the end of 2005 and 5.3 million a year ago. América Móvil’s subsidiary Conecel (Porta Celular) leads the market with 4.8 million users, 91% of whom now use GSM services, compared to 70% in June 2005, with the remainder using TDMA handsets. In second place, Telefónica Móviles’ unit Movistar Ecuador had signed up 2.6 million clients by the end of June 2006, up 57% from 1.66 million a year earlier. Movistar’s client base is now 52% CDMA, 41% GSM and 7% TDMA (prior to the rollout of GSM in September 2005 the mix was 77% CDMA and 23% TDMA). Locally owned CDMA2000 1x operator Telecsa (Alegro PCS) had 270,725 users by mid-2006, up 68% in twelve months.