Internode to trial ADSL2+ Annex M, offer uploads of up to 3Mbps

21 Jul 2006

Australian ISP Internode has been given permission from fixed line incumbent Telstra to trial broadband services using an ADSL2+ upgrade known as Annex M, capable of delivering theoretical access speeds at up to 24Mbps/3Mbps (down/upstream). All current ADSL2+ offerings in the country use Annex A, which has a maximum upstream speed of 1Mbps. ‘Internode has negotiated exclusive permission from Telstra to operate an Australian Communications Industry Forum (ACIF) supported limited trial of the Annex M deployment mode in real-world Internode ADSL2+ services in the period running up to the full ratification of the use of Annex M mode in Australia,’ managing director Simon Hackett told broadband forum Whirlpool. Internode will operate a limited number of services on any exchange in which it has ADSL2+ digital subscriber line access multiplexers (DSLAMs) installed, but will cherry pick trialists for the pilot scheme. ‘We don’t expect to be able to offer a trial slot to everyone who wants one,’ Hackett warned. ‘And because we’re seeking a good spread of exchange locations and line lengths, we will be hand-picking the trial customers from those who apply.’

Australia, Internode