Batelco aiming to make broadband affordable

18 Jul 2006

Bahrain Telecommunications Company (Batelco) has submitted the details of a planned new range of broadband packages to the Telecoms Regulatory Authority (TRA) and is awaiting permission to launch them to consumers. Following the introduction of new internet packages last month, Batelco announced its intent to introduce an entry level package priced at BHD5 (USD13.35) per month. ‘We are looking at the possibility of subsidising a BHD5 package as part of Batelco’s contribution to the community,’ said a company spokesperson who went on to say that ‘all residents should benefit from access to information and knowledge available via the internet and such internet access should be as widespread as the basic telephone service throughout the Kingdom… In addition to our recently launched new packages, we have since developed some more packages in response to customers’ demands for greater bandwidth and for those whose primary need is for lower prices.’ Last month Batelco was ordered by the TRA to cancel a newly launched broadband package offering a BHD10 (USD26.7) per month, 256kbps DSL connection. The reason given was that Batelco ‘failed to meet its obligations under the Telecommunications Law and its licence.’