De Villepin announces E1-a-day broadband to close digital divide

17 Jul 2006

The prime minister of France Dominique de Villepin has announced a new initiative designed to bring affordable broadband access to more than a million of the country’s poorest citizens. The PM’s E1-a-day plan is key to his bid to close the digital divide and promises high speed internet access for just one euro (69 pence) a day. To help realise his goal, de Villepin intends to provide financial incentives for ISPs such as France Télécom and Iliad to offer broadband internet connection for EUR15 a month or less with a low-cost PC and home tuition thrown in. Despite the country boasting an impressive record on broadband take-up, de Villepin is concerned that the digital age has largely left the elderly and poor behind.

France, Iliad (Free), Orange Group