Vodafone Romania sues ANRC

14 Jul 2006

Vodafone Romania has announced that it will launch legal action against the National Communications Regulatory Authority (ANRC) decision to apply a 40% reduction to interconnection tariffs by January 2009. The costs for such calls are currently USD 0.10 per minute. ‘As there is no institution that can mediate between the ANRC and operators, Vodafone Romania is forced to defend its rights in court. The decision is motivated not just by the negative impact on the company’s revenues, but also because the calculation model developed and imposed by ANRC contains many errors that lead to erroneous conclusions,’ a Vodafone representative said. Vodafone believes the calculation model does not include elementary features of cost calculation models used elsewhere, leading to its costs being underestimated.

According to Vodafone, the ANRC model uses a 2% inflation rate for Romania, a figure well below the actual 6% rate.

Romania, Vodafone Romania