Regulator calls for broadband price cuts

12 Jul 2006

Spain’s Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT) is looking to lower the country’s broadband internet access prices, which are currently about 25% higher than the European average according to CMT President Reinaldo Rodriguez speaking to Dow Jones Newswires. ‘We’re looking at several possible measures,’ Rodriguez said. ‘One of the key factors to lower prices and increase demand is the creation of a critical mass of operators.’ He said that the CMT plans to lower the wholesale prices charged by former monopoly Telefónica de España for unbundled local loop connections over the PSTN. Rodriguez added that 85% of Spain’s broadband connections have a download speed of 1Mbps, with prices typically ranging between EUR30 and EUR37 a month, compared to ‘prices as low as EUR15 to EUR20 in some European countries’.

Spain, Telefonica Espana (Movistar)