Arcep issues regional WiMAX licences

12 Jul 2006

The French telecoms regulator Arcep has awarded regional licences for WiMAX technology as part of plans to ensure that the country has nationwide WiMAX coverage by 2008. The concessions have been allocated to a total of 15 companies and six regional councils, in the process generating USD159.2 million for state coffers. Maxtel, a bidding vehicle which includes motorway operator APRR and alternative telco Iliad, won 13 licences. A further twelve permits were awarded to Bollore Telecom, owned by the Bollore Group and Aeroports de Paris (ADP), while HDRR, a consortium that includes Bouygues Télécom, won eleven. SHD, backed by SFR and neuf Cegetel, won two concessions, but France Télécom only received licences to offer WiMAX in French Guyana and Mayotte.

France, Mayotte, Bouygues Telecom, Iliad (Free), neuf Cegetel, Orange Group, SFR